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Female Vocal Club-Hits/Various - Female Vocal Club-Hits / Various


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Track Listing

Track # Song Duration
1-1The Weekend (Radio Edit)3:12
1-2Out Of Touch3:42
1-3Save This Nights For Love (Radio Edit)3:40
1-4Go Deeper (Original Mix)4:04
1-5Secrets Broke My Heart3:27
1-6Piece Of Heaven (Radio Mix)3:26
1-7A Matter Of Time (Radio Mix)3:38
1-8Into A Fantasy (DJ Stone Meets Mr. Phillips Radio Mix)3:30
1-9Cold As Ice3:26
1-10It's A Dream (DJ Manian vs. Yanou Radio Cut)2:50
1-11U Got 2 Let The Music Remix (DJ Shog Radio)3:27
1-12Angels Eyes (Radio Cut)3:44
1-13Trust Your Eyes (Radio Edit)3:33
1-14Come Closer3:34
1-15Reason (Kareema Radio Edit)3:12
1-16The One (Fillers Radio Edit)3:32
1-18All Of My Life (Radio)3:32
1-19A Kind Of Reality (M.T.J. Club Radio)3:22
1-20Why Can't We (Radio Mix)3:47
2-1Only Time3:54
2-2Champ Elisées (Album Mix)4:12
2-3Love Me Eternally (Alex Bartlett Edit)4:05
2-5I Ve Been Thinkin About You (Michael Parsberg Remix Edit)3:24
2-6Missing You (M.T.J. Gold Radio)3:38
2-7Near Me (Radio Mix)3:36
2-8Two Become One (Original Radio Mix)3:40
2-9Closer (White Noise Radio Edit)3:17
2-10Show Me The Light3:53
2-11Summer Dreaming (Central Seven Radio)3:38
2-12Mysterious Nights4:03
2-13You Maker My Dreams (Radio Edit)3:41
2-14Stars Collide4:02
2-15The Killers's Song (The Killer's Song Radio)3:44
2-16Don't Fade Away (Bonito & Trooper Radio)3:49
2-17Living In Oblivion (Futureforce US Mix)2:54
2-18Can't Stop To Follow3:32
2-19I Wanna (Radio Mix)4:29
2-20Heaven's Here (Radio Edit)3:40