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Journey Continues: Fellside At 40/Various (Uk) - Journey Continues: Fellside At 40 / Various (Uk)


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Track Listing

Track # Song Duration
The Long And Winding Road
1-1The Valley Of Strathmore
1-4Your Own Roads
1-5The Gardener
1-6Collier Lad / Highland Mary
1-7The Northern Road
1-8Jungle Queen
1-9Bonnie Lassie
1-10The Auld Fisher's Farwell To The Coquet
1-11Rambling Sailor
1-12The Settle & Carlisle
1-13Train On The Island
1-14Dressed To Roll
1-15Roll On By
1-16All Night Long
1-17England Loves A Poor Boy
1-18One For Lily
1-19Wars O' Germanie
1-20All Coming Back To Me Now
Are We There Yet?
2-1A Beggar
2-2Rock Of Gelt / Walls
2-3York Rant
2-4Foggy Dew
2-6Only A Soldier
2-7Drunkard's Lament
2-8Caught Us Doing It
2-9The Sheepstealer
2-10Are We There Yet
2-11The Railway Children
2-12Ned's Reel / Hunt The Spider
2-13The Sailor's Way
2-14The Hand On The Plough
2-15The Baffled Knight
2-16The Journeyman
2-17If You Can't Land Her
2-18Away From The Pits
2-19Where Ravens Feed
A Bit Of A Detour
3-1These Coal Town Days
3-2The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
3-3The Female Sailor Bold
3-4Lonesome Roving Wolves
3-5Helen Of Kirkconnell
3-6Devilish Mary
3-7Dwelling In Beulahland
3-8Peace And Love And Understanding
3-9When This Old Hat Was New
3-10Yellow Handkerchief
3-11The Demon Lover
3-12Green Bushes
3-13Where The Brumbies Come To Water
3-14Two Magicians
3-15John Of Hazelgreen
3-16The Jolly Boys' Song
3-17The Bailiff's Daughter