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Little Junior Parker - Next Time You See Me & All The Hits: Comp Singles


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Track Listing

Track # Song Duration
1-1Bad Women, Bad Whiskey2:57
1-2You're My Angel1:54
1-3Fussin' And Fightin' Blues2:57
1-4Feelin' Good2:55
1-5Mystery Train2:20
1-6Love My Baby2:34
1-7Can't Understand2:49
1-8Dirty Friend Blues3:00
1-9Sittin' Drinkin' And Thinkin'2:57
1-10Please Baby Blues2:40
1-11I Wanna Ramble2:48
1-13There Better Not Be No Feet (In Them Shoes)2:30
1-14Driving Me Mad2:50
1-15Mother In Law Blues2:30
1-16That's My Baby2:27
1-17My Dolly Bee2:33
1-18Next Time You See Me2:36
1-19Pretty Baby2:59
1-20That's Allright2:54
1-21Pretty Little Doll2:30
1-23Sitting And Thinking2:40
1-25What Did I Do2:07
1-26Barefoot Rock2:40
2-1Sweet Home Chicago2:31
2-3Five Long Years2:23
2-4I'm Holding On2:31
2-6Blue Letter2:08
2-7Belinda Marie2:16
2-8Dangerous Woman2:19
2-9The Next Time2:29
2-10You're On My Mind2:04
2-11That's Just Alright2:31
2-12I'll Learn To Love Again2:13
2-13I'll Forget About You2:14
2-14Stand By Me2:32
2-15Driving Wheel2:35
2-16Seven Days2:22
2-17In The Dark2:37
2-18How Long Can This Go On2:12
2-19Mary Jo2:24
2-20Annie Get Your Yo Yo2:23
2-21Sweeter As The Days Go By2:17
2-22I Feel Alright Again2:31
2-23Foxy Devil2:21
2-24Someone Somewhere2:46