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Ockenden/Eynde - Mistress Elizabeth Davenant: Her Songs (Dig)


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Track Listing

Track # Song Duration
1Heare My Prayer O God3:06
2Woodes, Rocks & Mountaines4:02
3Galliard (My Lady Mildemays Delight)2:08
4Cloris Sighd And Sang And Wept5:47
6When Nights Black Mantle1:33
7Go Happy Hart2:07
8Dropp Drop Goulden Showrs3:03
10If When I Dye2:10
11Cease O Cease This Hum Of Greeving1:16
12How Well Poore Hart1:22
13Musicke Thou Soule Of Heaven4:33
14I Prithee Leave Love Me No More2:47
15Carman's Whistle3:51
16Like To The Damaske Rose2:15
17Sleepe Sleep Though Greife Torment Thy Body2:12
18Come You Prettie False Eyd Wanton1:25
19Whether Away My Sweetest Deerest1:30
20Good Now Bee Still1:22
21Have You Seene The White Lilly Grow3:27
22Eyes Gaze No More1:33
23Shall I Weepe Or Shall I Singe?2:17
25Care Charming Sleepe2:51
26My Strength Hath Faild2:22