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Symphonic Suite Cyborg 009/O.S.T. (Jpn) - Symphonic Suite Cyborg 009 / O.S.T. (Jpn)


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Track Listing

Track # Song Duration
1aプロローグ-宿命 (Prologue-Destiny)
1b神との対話 (Dialogue)
2a予感 (Premonition)
2b迫りくる戦いの日 (Approaching Day Of Battle)
3a集合 (Assembly)
3b九人のサイボーグ戦士 (Nine Cyborg Soldiers)
4a出撃 (Sally)
4b生と死の時間 (Life Or Death)
5a暗闇 (Unknown Battle)
5b新黒い幽霊の侵攻 (Invasion Of Neo Black Ghost)
6a悲哀 (Sorrow)
6b闘いの終り (The Conclusion)
7a平和 (Peace)
7bつかの間の夢 (Passing Dream)
8aエピローグ-未来 (Epilogue-Future)
8b明日への旅立ち (Starting For Tomorrow)